Preventive measures to keep squirrels away from your garden

Gardening is a hobby which many people are found to have. People create beautiful gardens with lots of efforts and the gardens show their aesthetic sense. But, their concerns do not end by just having a lavishing and captivating garden rather they have to be more conscious as they would have to maintain gardens and their beauty. If you are carefully handling your garden and the things are working smoothly, plants and flower are growing properly but still there is a chance of your garden to be spoiled. Squirrels, the most unwanted guests, who visit the gardens occasionally can destroy or harm the outlook of your garden. These critters have always been found where there are trees, plants fruits, and vegetables. You would barely see them anywhere else. People most of the time name them as pests as they are occurred to be very annoying, they move so swiftly and at a high speed that they are very hard to chase.

Tracking the squirrels

Sometimes, it is seen that you have a very fine and clean garden and you think that you have completely got rid of a squirrel but it might not be the case. For this, you need to have a check. You should track whether the squirrel comes in your absence or you are successful in having your garden squirrel free. First of all, you have to observe your garden, where and how are the things you placed. You can take account of the fruits and vegetable that you have grown in your garden. Then after a while, or on the next day, again observe those things. If you find that your furniture, ground or soil is not the way you observed first then there is a chance of the visit of squirrels there. Apart from this, you observe the fruits and vegetables; if they are half eaten or spoiled then there is surety about the presence of squirrels.

Remedies to have the squirrels away from your garden

Squirrels are the unwanted guest and do not leave as per your desire. They tease you, annoy you and irritate you. Though, it is not easy to get rid of them, there are different remedies which you can easily implement at your garden and can get them away. These are the following things you need to do:

Keep your garden neat and clean

Cleanliness is the best remedy to save your garden from not only squirrels but other animals or insects as well. Do not throw anything useless in your garden and clean your garden once or twice a day.

Avoid throwing edibles

Squirrels come to get something to eat in your garden. When any fruit falls from the tree or plant or when you throw them on the ground intentionally, instantly; the squirrels smell them and get attracted towards them. They are always in the search of food and your garden provides them the best opportunity. So, the best thing is that you should not let any edibles be on the ground.

Apply repellents

To repel them and get them out of your garden you can use repellents. There are repellents which are easily available on the stores from where you can purchase and can apply them on the areas nearer to the plants, fruits or the stuff squirrel hunt for. Do not apply them on the fruit or vegetables. They can be toxic for you. Other than this, you can use natural things which would be available in your kitchen.  Use those things which squirrels do not like.

Things which squirrels detest

  • Peppermint
  • Garlic
  • The aroma of Spicy Food
  • Powder of Chili
  • Coffee Ground
  • Vinegar Spray
  • Cayenne
  • Trimmed Hair of Cats or Dogs
  • Plant daffodils around the boundary

Animals have a sharp sense of smelling things. If squirrel will smell these things or any other smell or their predators, they will run away from your garden.


You can create barriers or fences around the boundaries of your garden. The thing which should be the point of focus is that the fence should be high enough to make the entrance of squirrels difficult and there should be no holes which could let them in.

Trap the squirrels

You can trap the squirrels by making plastic covers or net covers and can throw them away. You might have to do this for two to three times.

After using repellent or using the remedies which are mentioned above, you can have your squirrel-free garden and you can invite your family and guests to visit your beautiful garden.