How We Garden

Raised-bed gardening…

Community Gardens of Chester County practices raised-bed gardening for maximum utilization of space, ease of maintenance, and to avoid gardening in soils that may contain toxins or chemical waste. We plant intensively in squares rather than rows and practice intercropping and succession planting.

Three seasons of gardening…

We garden throughout three seasons of the year, planting crops in spring, summer and fall. With home-made cloches and greenhouses we are often able to extend our gardening season into the winter months.


We avoid the use of chemicals in our gardens and encourage horticultural practices that will keep our gardens pest- and disease-free.


All of our gardens have composting programs that encourage gardeners to recycle plant waste into a free source of nutrient-rich soil.

Recycled materials from the neighborhood…

The following horticultural practices help our gardeners protect the environment and save on gardening expenses:

practice of xeriscaping in our garden designs
use of rain barrels and downspouts to catch rainwater
old timbers and mushroom boards for raised-beds
lathe for trellises
shipping pallets for compost bins
woodchips from tree companies and municipalities for mulch
old posts, rails and wire for fencing
discarded containers and tires for pots
saving seeds; dividing plants
collecting last year’s seeds from seed companies
collecting “left-over” plants from nurseries and garden club plant sales