bookmark_borderQuotes from Our Gardeners

“Do you ever worry about God getting hit by lightning?”

Concerns of a 4 year-old gardener

I’ll do this for the free food!”

8 year old community gardener

“The children…it’s all about the children…the flower planting was incidental to fulfilling their need for time and association.”

Community leader

“The garden looks great and it has given the people a sense of pride and accomplishment.”

Director of a homeless shelter

“I never worked in a community garden before…it was fun and exciting .-I met all kinds of new and different people.”

Middle-school volunteer

bookmark_borderTips from the Garden

Cut-up the slats of old mini-blinds for plant markers.

Plant your tomatoes in the ground and then place old tires around them for earlier fruit.

Sow pole beans around the base of a sunflower to create a trellis for the bean vines

bookmark_borderNews Briefs…

Last fall the program was 4 recognized by the Garden Club of America for our outstanding work in the community.

In January we received the Golden Hammer Award for our greening work with Habitat for Humanity.

Ora Carr, avid gardener and advisory committee member, won first prize in horticulture at the Kennett Area Senior Center flower show in May.

Susan Goldsworthy, our director, was named a Local Legend on KYW radio in July 4.


1957 Charity Trust

Brimstone Fund

Chester Co Community Foundation Chester Co Fund forWomen & Girls Clarteil Foundation

Elsie L. Garthnarte Foundation

Evangelical Lutheran Church

Four Seasons Garden Club

Herb Society of America

London Grove Friends Meeting

Marshall.Reynolds Foundation

MLK Community Peace & Harmony

McNeil Fund of CCCF

Philadelphia Foundation

Radley Run Garden Club

Seedlings Garden Club

Shilling Foundation

Town end Country Garden cto

Valley Garden Club

West Chester Garden Club

XL Environmental, Inc. and 192 very generous individuals

Thank you!

bookmark_borderOur Most Devoted Volunteers

Behind the scenes of Community Gardens of Chester County is a dedicated group of women who are rarely in the spotlight but who keep the wheels of the program turning — the members of our advisory committee. Their enthusiasm tireless energy and clear vision has made our program what it is today..5o thank you one and all —Elinor Thomforde. Ellen Simmons. Luz carzon. linger Elting. Ora Carr. Nancy Dart-ley and Cintra Islurray.