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A garden full of blooming rose flowers, plenty of edible vegetables or sweet-smelling herbs may appear out of your reach, especially if you have never learned to manage even a small yard. If you ask many people, they will tell you are creating a thriving garden is one of the most involving tasks out there.

But successful gardeners will show you a different story. They believe that with some little research, planning, and the right attitude, you can become a master gardener in a matter of weeks. Here is what you need to do to overcome whatever has been limiting you.

Ensure Your Site is Right

Your first step should be to find the right locations. Get to know your different sites well before you start filling your garden with your flowers. There are several varieties of roses. If this is the flower that you prefer, be sure you know the type of soil where each of them thrives well. Figure out whether these places get direct sunlight throughout the day or not. Also, consider whether water runoffs collect during rainstorms. Obviously, by getting to know your space well, you will be able to locate the best areas to plant your various plants.

Select the Best Plants

The climate of your area also directly influences your decision on the type of plant that you can flourish in your garden. You can do a simple Internet search to find reliable information on this matter. Alternatively, you are free to ask your local experts for advice. Consider the amount of effort you are prepared to put into your yard and your ultimate goal.

Are you able to spare a lot of time attending to your plants? If so, you are ready to go for a magazine-worthy rose garden. However, if you have other things to attend to, you may choose roses or other plants that will require your limited attention. This way, you will select the right species of the plants that will thrive in your garden.

Consider Containers

If you learn that space is at a premium, it is the right time to consider containers. Lack of viable land has limited the scope of many ambitious people. You should not fall into the same category. Whether you want to grow berries, shrubs, fruit trees, flowers, or any other options, you can look too large pots. Containers will help your plants thrive under almost any weather conditions.

Watch For Pests and Diseases

Once you have planted your seeds, take care to ensure pests and diseases do not interfere with your life. These things can actually undo your hard work within a few hours. The good news is that you can prevent them from causing you problems. One of the things that you can do to be safe is to embrace champion planting. Do this by pairing your plants to be able to ward off the enemies of each other.

At the same time, use natural methods. For example, you can make use of beer to incarcerate slugs or water to put off aphids. If squirrels are your major threat, you can succeed by avoiding throwing away edibles, applying repellents, fencing your garden, or trapping the animals.

By doing all these, you will mitigate loss and continue to learn the best ways of dealing with the unique challenges that gardeners in your region deal with to remain productive.

Empower Your Family

Many great farmers will tell you they have enlisted the support of their families. These people can help you to prepare the land, weed, and water the plants. During the holidays, you can get your children on board and use this opportunity to teach them many important things about the ecosystem, food culture, and more.

Ensure you use kid-friendly tools to make the learning process fun. First, incorporate plants that they will love. Moreover, buy a high-quality musical instrument from the right source and keep them entertained throughout the gardening and learning process.

Whenever appropriate, play the music they love in the background or present professional content that equips them to do the work in the right way. This way, you will reduce the cost of managing your garden, make your family own the project, and expose them to new exciting ideas in a friendly environment.

Final Thoughts

As a beginner, you have all the information you need to start your journey to being a pro gardener. If you have been looking for someone to help you learn how to start a garden but have been unsure where to begin, this posts solves the problem.

We have provided a comprehensive list of essential gardening tips as well as useful links to help your garden with confidence and have fun as you do it. Follow all these time-tested tips, and you will be able to enjoy some of the best tasting herbs, vegetables, or fruits before long from your own garden.

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Once you have created a beautiful garden, ultimately the thought which comes to your mind is of fleas. Are you worried about how you can deal with fleas? Are you bothering about the unwanted sound of fleas?

Wherever there is a garden or grass, fleas inevitably arrive there. You would have heard the buzzing sound of fleas being at gardens. You want to resist these fleas from your garden, so here are suggestions which would be helpful for you.

Fleas are not easy to control and they cannot be banned from your place. Cautious and preventive measures are to be made to get your garden safe from these resilient fleas.  What most people do at first is that they try to kill these pests with manual flea killer which is not effective for the long term. You will kill but not all of them.

Killing all fleas at once is just impossible as they reproduce rapidly and spread very fast. The rapid expansion of fleas can deteriorate the beauty of your garden and can disrupt the peace for which you go to the garden.

Ways of infestation of fleas

First, figure out from where they invade in your garden and which are objects which attract them to visit your place. Fleas sit on dirty things if you have any garbage at your garden and that is prevailing there for a long time, instantly remove from that place and discard to garbage area.

Sometimes, people do not take care of these dust and garbage, which allow fleas to gather at such places. People get worried and cannot handle such a situation. So they find out the reasons for the spread of insects and fleas so that they can avoid and get rid of such pests. Other than garbage there are other ways of infestation of fleas.

Another source of infestation of fleas is through pets. Pets like to spend time outdoors and garden has always been their favorite place, so there are many possibilities that they will bring fleas along with them. Once there are fleas, other fleas also come following them. 

Home remedies are good in case they do not have side effects but they are not much reliable and do not give permanent solutions. If you go to commercial stores there you would find a lot of things on their shelves to control fleas.

Notice one thing: these would be chemical-ridden products. These can have side effects or can affect your breath. When you spray any of the chemicals than do not go to the garden and also do not let any of the people to be there. Use mask while spraying any chemical or spray to get you safe and protected.

Fleas’ spots 

Fleas are found in specific places or spots. They live there, eat and nourish there. Once you spot their location then you can work on controlling them. Finding the fleas’ spot helps a lot in treating and preventing them.

First of all, search for the places where there are clusters of fleas. Try to use pesticides to take them away from your place. Fleas try to hide from bright sunlight for that they hide in piles of leaves. They sit and live on garbage. 

Measures to control fleas

If you want to get rid of fleas then you have to put consideration on the preventive measures of controlling fleas. It is good if you take care from the beginning.

Give as much exposure to sunlight to get rid of fleas. Due to sunlight, they cannot live for a long time. The larva cannot germinate in extreme weather. Use excessive water to wash the place and clear the larva and adult fleas. 

Use a barrier in your garden. Create a barrier by lining the perimeter with cedar. Cedar oil repels fleas, mosquitoes, and other insects.

Having a flea-free garden is the dream of all. Everyone wants to spend leisure time in a clean and flourished garden. So it is very necessary to keep your garden free from fleas. Sit in your garden, have snakes and enjoy tea. You can have parties in your garden. 

Once you have a flea-free garden then you can have eased on nerves. You can freely enjoy and can invite your friends and relatives. Your friend will surely love your place and will come to visit again and again. 

If you want to learn more on this topic then is the best source for you.

bookmark_borderRose garden- a Fascinating Sight

If you want to create a garden rose garden is your best choice. Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers. Roses are fresh, captivating, beautiful and full of fragrance.  They attract the eyes and captivate the attention of the people who have an aesthetic sense. Rose has a larger appeal and most cultivated shrub in the world. It is used as a personification to express beauty. It is not only a symbol of beauty but also the symbol of desire and silence. Furthermore, roses are used to express our moods and feelings too.  

Rose garden is the first ever choice of the gardeners. It appeals and attracts people that they would stop once, see and advertently or inadvertently would appreciate the beauty of the garden. They can be planted indoors and outdoors wherever you feel like. Having flowers in your houses and offices puts comfortable and soothing effects on your mind and eyes. Adding flowers to your surroundings means adding life. They make your interior and exterior look good, attractive and captivating.  

Variety of roses

There are many different varieties of roses. They have variety in their colors, sizes, and shapes and the most explicit difference is of their fragrances.  Sometimes, you may not differentiate them by color but when you smell you can distinguish the type of rose instantly. Gardeners have been cultivating roses into different varieties on the basis of colors, sizes, and fragrances.

The shape of the rose garden

Growing a rose garden is the best of the options most of the gardeners have. But the question is in what direction one should grow roses? What would be the best and appropriate angle to grow rose garden. The answer to this is simple. You need to create a space around the roses so that people may move around to see and appreciate the beauty of your garden. You can grow them around the boundaries of your garden, by constructing a beautiful fountain in the center of your garden. In this way, people can move around and can touch and smell your roses. Apart from this, it also gives a decent shape to your rose garden. Another idea is that you can make small flowerbeds in which you can grow bunches of roses at different places in your garden. It will add to the beauty of your rose garden. You can grow different varieties of flowers in different flowerbeds. These flowerbeds can be labeled by having a description of that kind of rose plant. In this way, people will have more interest and will find more charm in your garden and you will be much appreciated for your effort.

Types of roses

Variety is inevitable. Nature bestows us with variance in each and everything we see and feel. There are varieties of other plants; similarly, roses also have a number of varieties. Basically, they are categorized as wild roses, ancient garden roses, and the modern garden roses. Roses are nowadays being cultivated by hybrid process and producing new varieties of roses. Gardeners have expertise in producing a new flower by hybridization of different types of flowers. This variety can make your rose garden look more attractive charming, blooming and flourishing.

Time a seed takes in blooming

When you grow a seed, it takes its time to germinate. It goes under the process of stratification. It depends on the kind of seed. Few of the seeds take weeks and few of the seeds take even years to grow. You have to first know the nature your seed or plant then you can nurture the seed accordingly. Hybrid tea plant blooms very fast after their process of germination. Nootka rose also grows quickly.

Beautiful Garden

When you plan to make the rose garden you need to have some important points in your mind.

  • Place of flowerbeds

Flowerbed or seedbeds should be constructed along the sides of your garden area or at different small portions in your garden. From where you can easily water the roses and take care of them.

  • Direction of sunlight

Make sure your roses are planted at the place where they get direct sunlight so that there should be proper functioning of photosynthesis.

  • Irrigation

Water the plants thrice a week. Do not water the plant excessively, as their roots do not want excessive water. In raining days, you do not need to water at all.

  • Pruning

Once you have constructed and planted a rose garden, the utmost thing is to take good care of that. Now when your roses are growing and blooming you have to be conscious to maintain them. Prune the roses whenever needed. Prune or cut the affected area and let your roses to look beautiful and charming spreading the sweet and pleasant smell all around.

bookmark_borderPreventive measures to keep squirrels away from your garden

Gardening is a hobby which many people are found to have. People create beautiful gardens with lots of efforts and the gardens show their aesthetic sense. But, their concerns do not end by just having a lavishing and captivating garden rather they have to be more conscious as they would have to maintain gardens and their beauty. If you are carefully handling your garden and the things are working smoothly, plants and flower are growing properly but still there is a chance of your garden to be spoiled. Squirrels, the most unwanted guests, who visit the gardens occasionally can destroy or harm the outlook of your garden. These critters have always been found where there are trees, plants fruits, and vegetables. You would barely see them anywhere else. People most of the time name them as pests as they are occurred to be very annoying, they move so swiftly and at a high speed that they are very hard to chase.

Tracking the squirrels

Sometimes, it is seen that you have a very fine and clean garden and you think that you have completely got rid of a squirrel but it might not be the case. For this, you need to have a check. You should track whether the squirrel comes in your absence or you are successful in having your garden squirrel free. First of all, you have to observe your garden, where and how are the things you placed. You can take account of the fruits and vegetable that you have grown in your garden. Then after a while, or on the next day, again observe those things. If you find that your furniture, ground or soil is not the way you observed first then there is a chance of the visit of squirrels there. Apart from this, you observe the fruits and vegetables; if they are half eaten or spoiled then there is surety about the presence of squirrels.

Remedies to have the squirrels away from your garden

Squirrels are the unwanted guest and do not leave as per your desire. They tease you, annoy you and irritate you. Though, it is not easy to get rid of them, there are different remedies which you can easily implement at your garden and can get them away. These are the following things you need to do:

Keep your garden neat and clean

Cleanliness is the best remedy to save your garden from not only squirrels but other animals or insects as well. Do not throw anything useless in your garden and clean your garden once or twice a day.

Avoid throwing edibles

Squirrels come to get something to eat in your garden. When any fruit falls from the tree or plant or when you throw them on the ground intentionally, instantly; the squirrels smell them and get attracted towards them. They are always in the search of food and your garden provides them the best opportunity. So, the best thing is that you should not let any edibles be on the ground.

Apply repellents

To repel them and get them out of your garden you can use repellents. There are repellents which are easily available on the stores from where you can purchase and can apply them on the areas nearer to the plants, fruits or the stuff squirrel hunt for. Do not apply them on the fruit or vegetables. They can be toxic for you. Other than this, you can use natural things which would be available in your kitchen.  Use those things which squirrels do not like.

Things which squirrels detest

  • Peppermint
  • Garlic
  • The aroma of Spicy Food
  • Powder of Chili
  • Coffee Ground
  • Vinegar Spray
  • Cayenne
  • Trimmed Hair of Cats or Dogs
  • Plant daffodils around the boundary

Animals have a sharp sense of smelling things. If squirrel will smell these things or any other smell or their predators, they will run away from your garden.


You can create barriers or fences around the boundaries of your garden. The thing which should be the point of focus is that the fence should be high enough to make the entrance of squirrels difficult and there should be no holes which could let them in.

Trap the squirrels

You can trap the squirrels by making plastic covers or net covers and can throw them away. You might have to do this for two to three times.

After using repellent or using the remedies which are mentioned above, you can have your squirrel-free garden and you can invite your family and guests to visit your beautiful garden.  

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Welcome… to our 2005 newsletter!

This issue is dedicated to our many enthusiatic and devoted garden volunteers who nurture and support our gardeners and program as we “grow.”
Our mission… is to improve the quality of life of low income county residents through community gardening and greening.
This year… we have worked with 1,506 gardeners (1,295 of these youth) and 143 volunteers on 51 garden projects…
11 community gardens 10 greening projects 20 youth gardens 4 gleaning gardens 6 educational workshops

bookmark_borderOur Garden Volunteers

Dear Friends, Here it is hantst time again. It has been a long, hot, dry summer but the community gardens are bulging with fresh vegetables. Much of the credit for this goes to our dedicated garden volunteers who generously give many hours of their time as they share their gardening experience and expertise with our community gardeners. Ranging in age from middle-schoolcrs to retired folks, our volunteers come from many pans of the county and bring an exciting diversity to our program, helping to bridge and create a broader understanding in our community. The volunteers themselves say they come away richer for the experience, often commenting on how much they learned from the wisdom of our community gardeners and how much they gained in new understanding and friendships. We appreciate these volunteers who truly make Community Gardens of Chester County possible. We also appreciate the financial support and inkind donations from so many of you. This is literally your project! Thank you for your ongoing interest. If you wish to volunteer with us, please let us know….we would love to have you join our team.

Alben Camas